Construction > Industrial warehouses

For the industrial warehouses field, SystemBau manufactures:

  • warehouse roof
  • warehouse facades
  • warehouse metal structures
  • smoke exhaust systems
  • skylights
  • photovoltaic panels supports

Industrial warehouses

The steel frame structures are very suitable for industrial applications, considering the unlimited possibilities of adaptation to specific technological requirements of equipment installations which will integrate them. They can also easily be used for any other purpose: livestock farms, storage spaces, private residences, shopping centers, office buildings.


The advantages of steel frame construction:

  • considerably less execution time than conventional systems;
  • enables larger openings with substantially reduced costs compared to conventional systems;
  • prefabricated metal structure, we can install in cold seasons with no special measures;
  • the metal structure is completely unmountable by using bolt joints;
  • extremely varied configurations of metal structures


We intervene in demolition, relocation of metal buildings or various repairs.